Build. Win. Start Selling.

Your solution could join one of more than 200 market-ready solutions that are already using cognitive intelligence.

With Watson APIs the only limit is your imagination. From designing a solution to help your customers find the best wine, to creating intelligent interactive toys, or identifying personalised patient treatment plans, Watson gives us all the opportunity to do things differently.

Now’s your chance…

IBM Watson Build gives PartnerWorld members access to exclusive education and resources from IBM to turn your cognitive solution into a reality.

Think big

Shape your ideas around an innovative cognitive solution, built on Watson APIs. Then use the guidelines to turn your idea into a rock solid business case.

Create the dream

Make it through the first stage and you’ll benefit from IBM’s experience in cognitive intelligence as you bring your ideas to life alongside specialist business mentors and cognitive intelligence experts.

Compete to win

And finally, to secure global exposure and invaluable one-to-one marketing advice, you’ll need to convince our judging panel why your cognitive intelligence prototype deserves to make it to market.

Up for the challenge?

If you’re happy to dive right in and sign up for your chance to create and market your cognitive intelligence solution with IBM Watson Build then that’s great.

But to give you the best chance of success we have a team of highly experienced UK-based IBMers to support you in finalising your business plan and moving one step closer to making your cognitive intelligence solution a reality.